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Excellent sconcing, charming chat, good pennying, generous drink buyers, and all pretty damn fit too. after being asked to leave and swaggering around some pubs i think we mostly made it to camera despite various vom-stops.apparently everyone had a great night (we look pretty happy in the photos!ECSMS seal of approval Bacchanalia: Amazing night had by all - poor choices of shirts, but besides that really decent guys.

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Everyone got a bit lost in Camera, but still a top night with some really decent guys.

Bacchanalia: We had an epic time with the Oriel boys, really nice guys.

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  1. if u faith me Samyu: sorry riky_martin4u : beleive me i m pure & safe 4 my heart Samyu: i am married cant do riky_martin4u : i respect girls riky_martin4u : so marr. then wat i do with U just talk na when u want u pick the phone Samyu: no sorry.ask again riky_martin4u : ok have mic or cam Samyu: no Samyu: i heard and know ppl record cams and voice.Samyu: no mic and cam riky_martin4u : u can call me or miss call at my no.