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With our kids, no one has to explain that concept or teach them what it means. As someone who has lived my life and my professional career trying to bring cultures together, our kids are the ultimate example of living up to that mission. It was a simple video, just friends playing in the park and having some fun. Again, for my son and his friends, the world is much simpler than it is for so many of us when it comes to “race” and ethnicity.

So in the end, our job as parents of Mixed kids is not harder or easier. For them, and so many I see in his generation, they do not have the hang-ups many of us older folks grew up with.

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When growing up, she only had white dolls, and everything she saw in media was white.A counterbalance to the extra work involved in dual ethnic lessons and effort, is the bonus Mixed parents get from having kids who know instinctively what it means to blend and see many sides, to have a kid who is automatically able to cross ethnic lines when others can’t.And it is great to have a kid that is the walking embodiment of the ultimate social goal of cultural diversity and people seeing each other for more than their skin color. And they are changing the world just by being who they are. I was watching a video my teenage son made a couple of weeks ago with some friends of his and started thinking about why the video touched me so. Besides capturing the simple innocence of youth, which is always good to see, and a reminder to those of us who are parents, how important our job is to protect them, what really got me was the easy ethnic mixture of friends.She came to view white as attractive and carried that into her adult life. Look at the media: whenever you see an Asian woman, she's almost always paired with a white guy. I think it was more representative of how society perceives us.So young impressionable girls are already being brainwashed into thinking that they should be with a white guy. She doesn't seem to understand and be able to put the finger on the cognitive dissonance she's having. Asian men have our work cut out for us, but there's hope.She says she's not submissive, but play the submissive girl. The interracial disparity has gotten better in recent years with Asian men now having the highest rate of marriage to white women after white men in America.She cleans the house of her dirty slob boyfriend '' I'm not a domestic person, I hate cleaning'', so why do it ? And lol @ ''high profile'' band. She plays the submissive asian girl to attract her white mates (and keep them? Now (reminds me), will she call white males misogynists and conservatives when they express their likeness to submissive behavior in female ? Tyra sometimes reps Asian guys, so I know she's probably aware of the AMBW movement.Making sure they do not feel like oddities, or caught between worlds, making sure they feel connected to both or all of their ethnic worlds, making sure they know there are many others like them, these are some of the issues Mixed parents have that most other parents do not.But there isn’t a good parent out there that isn’t also dealing with helping their kids connect to their roots and feel comfortable in a multicultural world.They don’t know in a real way the underlying issues for much of our politics yet. But on the other hand, maybe we adults know too much.Maybe we have learned a whole lot of stupid crap about each other that is not worth knowing, or more importantly, not rooted in reality or real knowing anyway.

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