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I was once present in a backstage holding area with Michael Jackson and we were instructed by his aides ahead of time, to not look at him or speak to him.

The people who worked for him seemed really afraid of him and said they'd lose their jobs if we did. It's revolting."I'm not surprised that stars and agents and producers are assholes, I'm surprised that everyone in that town just bends over and takes it."You may have heard the saying that they tilted the continent and all the nuts rolled into California.

His incredible hosting gig for Oprah showcased him in all his drunken glory.

He slurred and bobbed around, and Oprah was so calm about it. Fred Mac Murray from "My Three Sons." Seemed like the quintessential TV dad but was really cold and self-absorbed. Go to Perez or Just Jared if you want to be spoon fed celebrity BS via publicists. These are the kind of people we would've avoided like the plague at school. Just don't know why we forget this and put them up on these frigging pedestals like they are immortal gods.

Rita was ALWAYS saying how drunk Tom was from the night before.

I used to very s l o w l y refill the sugar caddy so I could hear...

I've always been fascinating by the real Marlo Thomas who by all reports I've ever read for years describe her as a horrid person.

Not that I couldn't put it past her or thought she was a splendid human being based on the persona from her TV roles and liberal activism. I have heard that Charlize Theron is a nasty, rude beeyotch.

R20, the bloat is not what is giving his boozing secret away.

On the other hand, some celebs are definitely shittier than others.

There is a difference between narcissism and being deliberately cruel, taking pleasure in humiliating and doing other people in or even physically and sexually abusing them, and not even trying to control themselves when they have emotional problems or substance abuse issues and just relying on the sacrifices of codependents to keep them going and clean up after them.

When a person's stuff causes problems in their everyday lives: they can't walk in their homes unless there's pathway, they can't have people over because clutter has taken over every seating area, that's hoarding.

He also holds a powerful position inside the industry.

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