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Research different options such as specialist interest groups, introduction agencies and on-line dating to help you decide which methods you might use and how much resource (time, money, effort) you will put into it.In later life we may find romance, a soul mate, or we may find a special friend who provides support, companionship, and understanding.Many of us, when we are over 50 or over 60 find ourselves without a partner and wishing to find one.Regardless of how happy we are being single or whether we have come to terms with bereavement or divorce, regardless of how wide our social circle, we may still seek a degree of sharing and intimacy that is not met by family and friends.We may not necessarily see that person as the person we are dating or even as a potential life partner, but know we would be at a loss without him or her in our life.Each relationship takes its own path, the one that is right for us at the time.However difficult it can be to assert ourselves we have the right to decide our relationships independently of those closest to us, unless we are subjecting ourselves to potential risk or abuse.We can understand adult children’s concern for our welfare, for their financial future, for their stereotype of us as a parent, but in the end we must pursue our own course, even if we choose to be a ”Silly Old Fool” in their eyes! Regardless of how we meet someone, on-line or in person we need to be sensible and not put ourselves at risk.

Some men want to find a girl for a fling, some just like to chat and flirt with women, some go online to get a girlfriend, some want to find a life partner. The answer is simple: Russian girls register on online dating sites pursuing different goals, and generally they coincide with the diverse men’s purposes, that of finding a fling, a partner, or a spouse.Whatever our views on dating there is no doubt that it has grown in popularity for the over 50s age group.If you are still unsure if it is right for you and would like to know more read Carol Dix's Ultimate Guide to 21st Century Dating.Without this preparedness to open up, trust and relationships cannot develop.Knowing our boundaries between disclosure and exposure is important.Some of us miss the emotional investment or passion that a romantic relationship can offer.How then do we find new potential partners and just as importantly how do we assess their suitability?Physical attraction is not always the top priority.Also as many of us are financially secure in retirement and later life, money may be less important to us than finding someone who shares our interests and wants to spend their leisure time the way we do.Our reasons for dating in later life are often very different from our younger days.Marriage suitability and attitudes to parenting are less important criteria when we ae over 50.

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