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Hawkins), she is also the daughter of established character Vanessa Gold (Zöe Lucker).Jodie is Jewish and Darren has a circumcision operation to respect this.Darren begs him not to tells her as it would break her heart but later Jodie says Harry phoned her and Darren assumes he told her, so he inadvertently reveals the truth.Jodie initially disowns her mother but when she tries to find a place of her own, she realises she needs Vanessa with her.

Darren also proposes to Jodie but decides not to marry her after thinking he's not good enough for her.Jodie walks in and he tells her he would not change anything about her and proposes; she accepts.Jodie then gets a job at The Queen Victoria as a barmaid.When Harry issues Vanessa with divorce papers, saying he can convince Jodie to turn against her, she tells him he is not Jodie's father.Harry sends Jodie to live with Vanessa, and he later tells Darren he is not Jodie's father.Darren tries to win Jodie back by trying to explain that he had a circumcision but she will not listen to him because he did not tell her about Max and Vanessa.However, she finally reads a letter he wrote and they reunite.Daniella Graham from the Metro said that "viewers were left questioning why on earth anyone thought this pointless sub-plot was necessary." This was later confirmed to be "filler" as a number of scenes were cut out from Tommy Moon's funeral.In Jodie's first appearance, she is found by Darren Miller (Charlie G. Darren offers to help her and she agrees to go on a date.Darren gains custody of George, who keeps Jodie awake at night, causing her to be late for work where she is told by Roxy that there is a new manager of the salon, Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner).When Jodie is left alone with George, she struggles and leaves him with Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison), George's mother.

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